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what is 1095-c

Demystifying Form 1095-C: Understanding Employer-Provided Health Insurance

The world of health insurance and taxes can be intertwined and sometimes confusing. This informative guide by Syed Professional Services explores Form 1095-C, a document employers use to report health insurance information to employees, and explains its significance for your tax filing. We’ll also highlight how our tax professionals can ensure you a smooth and efficient tax season.

What is Form 1095-C?

Form 1095-C, titled “Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage,” is a statement employers must send to their full-time employees by March 1st of each year. It provides details about the health insurance coverage offered by the employer during the previous calendar year.

What Information Does Form 1095-C Include?

Form 1095-C typically includes details such as:

  • Employee Information:  Your name and Social Security number.
  • Employer Information:  The name and contact information of your employer.
  • Health Insurance Offer:  Whether your employer offered health insurance and the plan(s) offered (e.g., individual, family).
  • Months of Coverage:  The specific months during the year you were eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance coverage.
  • Cost of Lowest-Cost Plan:  What is the price of your employer’s most affordable health insurance plan every month?

Who Receives Form 1095-C?

All full-time employees employed by an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) for at least one month during the previous calendar year should receive Form from their employer. ALE refers to companies with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees.

Significance of Form 1095-C for Tax Filing

Although not directly connected to your tax return, the data found on Form could prove significant in helping you make claims for health insurance premium tax credits.

  • Claiming the Premium Tax Credit:  If you purchased health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace and received a premium tax credit to help with the cost, the information on the form can help determine your eligibility for the credit. Make sure you qualify for a credit by comparing the cost of your employer-sponsored plan (if available) with your household income. Form provides a clear idea of the health insurance coverage offered by your employer. This information can be helpful when making decisions about your own health insurance needs during open enrollment periods.

What to Do if You Don’t Receive Form 1095-C

If you were a full-time employee of an ALE and didn’t receive Form 1095-C by March 1st, you can:

  • Contact Your Employer:  Check with your employer’s HR department to see if the form was mailed and inquire about obtaining a copy.
  • Access Online Copies:  Some employers may offer online access to employee tax documents, including this Form.
  • Download from the IRS Website: Sometimes, the IRS website allows you to retrieve a copy of the Form electronically [invalid URL removed].

Syed Professional Services: Simplifying Tax Season with Form 1095-C

Form can impact your health insurance options and tax credit eligibility. Syed Professional Services can ensure a smooth tax season by:

  • Understanding Your Situation: We’ll discuss your circumstances and determine whether the Form is relevant to your tax filing.
  • Tax Credit Eligibility Assessment:. Based on your Form and overall tax situation, Discover whether you are eligible for the premium tax credit on health insurance with assistance from our team.
  • Accurate Tax Return Preparation:. We’ll ensure your tax return accurately reflects the information on Form, maximizing your potential tax benefits.
  • Communication and Representation (if necessary): We can contact the IRS on your behalf if any questions arise regarding your health insurance or tax situation.

Clarity and Confidence During Tax Season

Make sure to let Form 1095-C add clarity to your tax filing process.  Syed Professional Services provides clarity and ensures you navigate the situation effectively. Contact us today to discuss your situation and explore how our expertise can help you optimize your tax filing experience.

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