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Basic U.S. Incorporation Package

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Our Basic U.S. Incorporation Package combines low cost with fast and efficient services. This package provides all the requirements for a valid corporation in any state. With our Basic U.S. Incorporation Package, we will:

– Check the availability of your preferred corporate name and reserve it for you.

– Prepare and file the Articles of Incorporation with state and county agencies.

– Pay all state filing fees, recording costs, and publishing charges. ( If required).

– Promptly forward the filed copies of the articles of Incorporation to you.

General Question about Basic U.S. Incorporation
How do I form a Professional Services Corporation?

A Professional Services Corporation (“PC”) is formed to provide professional services within a single profession. According to New York’s Professional Service Corporation Statute, a New York PC can be created for “pecuniary profit to render the professional services or services the professionals are authorized to practice. Generally, this can include the following professions: Accounting.




Clinical social work



Marriage, family, and child counselling


Speech-language pathology and audiology





Physical therapy

Physician assistants



Shorthand court reporters

A professional corporation provides the same benefits as a standard Corporation, with the additional formation requirement of proving the business has a practical registration certificate issued by the governmental agency regulating their profession. Professional corporations are also governed by the agency responsible for overseeing their work. They may have rules or limitations on the choice of name or ownership requirements.

How much does the process cost of Basic U.S. Incorporation?

For pricing and further assistance, please email us at immigration@syedpro.com or via WhatsApp through the website. You can view our Contact Us page for more details on


An Immigration Assistant from our office will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the annual requirements for a New York Corporation?

Specific reoccurring requirements must be met to keep your corporation in good standing. All corporations must file a Biennial Statement with the Department of State every other year.

Profitable New York corporations must submit and pay required annual tax returns and estimated corporation taxes.

Corporations must hold an annual meeting of the directors logged with corporate minutes.

Corporations must hold an annual shareholders meeting.

What is the New York franchise tax?

New York does require corporations to pay a franchise tax. However, the process is unique to the state and is imposed to prevent the use and abuse of tax loopholes. Simply put, the state uses four different methods to calculate possible taxes, after which the corporation must pay the highest amount. The four methods are as follows: Minimum taxable income.

Total net income

Total business/investment capital

A fixed minimum tax

Whichever number is highest is the amount the corporation pays in franchise taxes. It’s also worth noting that foreign corporations that only engage in interstate commerce are exempt from this tax.

You can telephone, fax or mail the information essential to form your corporation to us. Our regular business hours are Monday through Sunday, 10:30 am to 7:30 pm Eastern time. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, business checks, and money orders.

Essential Basic U.S. Incorporationv Plus Corporate Kit

With this option, you receive all the benefits of our Basic U.S. Incorporation Package plus Standard, Deluxe, or Executive Corporate kit. When you form your new corporation, it is essential to keep actual records. Our corporate kit is designed and intended to help simplify your day-to-day corporate procedures. The following are included in the kit.

-) Corporate Seal

-) Minute Book

-) 20 Stock Certificates -)Imprinted with Corporate Name

-) Stock Transfer Ledger

-) Sample Forms for Minutes and Bylaws

-) Supply of Blank Minute Book Paper

-) Express U.S. Incorporation Package

Our Express Basic U.S. Incorporation Package ensures your corporation is formed quickly and expedited. We have automated the procedure to the point that within 48 to 72 business hours of getting documentation, we will send you complete articles of Incorporation of your selection of corporate kit by overnight express. With this express services, you can immediately meet your new corporate deadlines, whether opening your business bank account or negotiating leases or contracts.

Our Express Basic U.S. Incorporation Package Includes

-) Checking the availability of your corporate name and reserving it for you.

-) Preparing and filing the Articles of Incorporation with state and county agencies expeditiously.

-) Pay all state filing fees, recording, and publishing charges.

-) Rushing the filed copy of the Articles of Incorporation to you by overnight express within 24 hours of forming your corporation.

-) Sending you our Standard, Deluxe or Executive corporate kit by overnight express.

Federal Tax Identification Number

All new businesses should obtain a federal taxpayer identification number (EIN) as soon as possible after they form their corporation. Syed Professionals is here to help you get a Federal Tax Identification Number. Call us for further discussion!

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