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45 days

Understanding Tax Deadlines

A 45-Day Snapshot

Meeting tax deadlines is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. Missing a deadline can result in penalties, interest charges, and other complications. In this post, we’ll break down the essential tax deadlines you need to be aware of over the next 45 days and offer tips on staying on top of your tax obligations.


Tax deadlines can be a source of stress for many. However, understanding these deadlines and planning accordingly can save you from unnecessary penalties and stress. In this 45-day snapshot, we’ll outline the critical tax deadlines you need to know and provide tips to help you stay organized and compliant.

Critical Tax Deadlines in the Next 45 Days

Estimated Tax Payments (June 15)

Suppose you are self-employed or have other income that requires estimated tax payments. In that case, the next quarterly payment is due on June 15. This payment covers income earned during April through May.


  • Calculate accurately: Use IRS Form 1040-ES to estimate your quarterly tax payments.
  • Set reminders: Mark your calendar or digital reminders a week in advance to ensure timely payment.
  • Online payments: Use the IRS Direct Pay service for quick and easy payments.

Corporate Tax Returns (June 15)

Corporations operating on a calendar year must file their tax returns (Form 1120) by June 15 if they request an extension. It is also the deadline for the second installment of estimated tax for corporations.


  • Double-check your information: Ensure all financial documents and information are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Hire a professional: Consider using a tax professional to help with complex corporate tax filings.

Payroll Tax Deposits (Biweekly or Monthly)

Businesses must deposit payroll taxes on either a semi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on their payroll size. The specific deadlines vary, so knowing your schedule is crucial.


  • Automate payments: To avoid missing deadlines, set up automatic payments through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).
  • Keep detailed records: Maintain thorough records of all payroll transactions to ensure accuracy.

Sales Tax Returns (Varies by State)

Sales tax return deadlines vary by state, but many states require monthly filings, with deadlines typically around the 20th of each month.


  • Know your state’s requirements: Check with your state’s tax authority to confirm specific deadlines.
  • Use software: Consider using sales tax software to automate and simplify the filing process.

Staying Organized and Compliant

Create a Tax Calendar

A detailed tax calendar can help you keep track of all upcoming deadlines. Include federal, state, and local tax deadlines, and set reminders a week in advance.

Use Tax Software

Invest in reliable tax software that can help you accurately manage your tax obligations, calculate payments, and file returns.

Hire a Tax Professional

If your tax situation is complex, hiring a tax professional can save you time and reduce the risk of errors. They can provide expert advice and ensure you comply with all tax regulations.

Keep Detailed Records

Maintain organized records of all income, expenses, and tax payments. It will make filing more accessible and provide documentation in case of an audit.

Stay Informed

Tax laws and deadlines can change. To stay informed, regularly check IRS and state tax authority updates.


Understanding and adhering to tax deadlines is essential to avoid penalties and comply with tax laws. By following the tips outlined in this 45-day snapshot, you can better manage your tax obligations and reduce stress. For personalized assistance, consider contacting Syed Professional Services for expert tax advice and support.

By implementing these strategies and staying aware of the upcoming deadlines, you can confidently navigate the next 45 days and ensure that your tax affairs are in order. Remember, proactive planning and organization are essential to successful tax management.



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